Mira Phil 102B Su14: Final Exam Study Guide

The final exam will consist of two essays that ask you to apply the views of the philosophers we have studied this semester to a new ethical issue. For each essay you will be presented with a passage that discusses some controversial moral issue. You will then need to apply the views we have studied in class to evaluate the issue in question. For the exam you will need to bring a blue book or your own notebook paper as well as a writing implement. Each essay will be weighted equally.

Essay 1: This essay will ask you to apply two author's conceptions of moral status to a new moral issue. For the essay you will be able to select the authors you will write about (Choose from: Thomson, Warren or Marquis)

Essay 2: This essay will involve applying the four theories of punishment and the two capitol punishment authors to a new moral issue. For this essay you should be prepared to discuss the four theories of punishment we discussed in class, and apply them to evaluate a particular moral issue.

Extra Credit: There will be an extra credit question that deals with issues related to torture.