Phil 102B: Extra Credit

Extra credit is worth up to 10 exam points. Your answer should be typed, 12 point font with 1" margins.

Extra Credit Due December 2: Find and interview a couple (married, unmarried, heterosexual, homosexual, it doesn't matter) about their relationship. In particular, focus on what that couple thinks is the purpose or function of their relationship (you probably want to stick to more established couples. Doing this assignment with newer couples may start a conversation neither party is particularly interested in having at that stage in their relationship). You may also want to ask the couple what they think the function or purpose of marriage is. After you complete the interview, write a 2 page paper in which you summarize that interview, and tie your couple's views to one of the authors we have studied in class. Lastly, write what you think of these issues.

Extra Credit Due October 14: Find an example of a paternalistic law and evaluate it using the framework articulated by Dworkin. Be sure to discuss whether or not the law would be a legitimate paternalistic law. What do you think of the law you are writing about? Your answer should be about a page long.

Extra Credit Due September
16: Write a paragraph (please type it) in which you articulate a specifically American virtue. Be sure to discuss the virtue using the framework of a virtue that Aristotle articulates.