Phil 102B: Final Exam Study Guide

The Final Exam will consist of two essays.
Essay I: Write an essay in which you examine how two of the philosophers we studied in Unit I would respond to issues of food and food policy in the USA. The philosophers to choose from are: Aquinas, Hume, Mill, Kant, Aristotle, Rawls, and Grimshaw.
Essay II: For this essay you will have a choice of two topics and you will pick one of them. Each topic will consist of a passage and you will write an essay discussing what two philosophers would say about the topic.
The first choice will cover the philsophers we looked at for our unit on Drugs and Addiction. These philosophers are: Mill, Dworkin, Szasz, the USDEA, and Shapiro.
The second choice will cover the philosophers we looked at for our unit on Homosexuality and Same-Sex Marriage. These philosophers are: the Vatican, Nussbaum, Jordan, Rauch, and Gallagher.
For the Final Exam you will need to bring paper to write on and a writing implement (pen or pencil, it doesn't matter to me, but you should bring two).