Phil 102B: Midterm 2 Study Guide

For the Midterm Examination on Wednesday, October 21 you should know the following information:

Mill's Harm Principle and its justification.
Mill's four arguments for why we should have freedom of speech.
Dworkin's conception of Paternalism and its justifications.
The two kinds of Paternalism.
Dworkin's analysis of Mill's argument for the Harm Principle.
The two principles that must be satisfied for a paternalistic law to be considered legitimate.
Szasz's criticism of the WHO definition of drug abuse.
Szasz's responses to the arguments that drugs should be banned because they cause harm to the self and because they encourage idleness.
The major background assumptions discussed in class that inform the USDEA report.
The standard view of addiction and Shapiro's criticism of that standard view.
Shapiro's alternative account of addiction.