Philosophy 102B: Study Guide for Exam 3

A key focus for this exam will be on the different authors' understanding of the the purpose and function of marriage and how this applies to the issue of same-sex marriage. In addition, you should be able to:

State the decision and articulate the reasoning in the following Supreme Court cases: Griswold v. Connecticut, Bowers v. Hardwick, Lawrence v. Texas.
Articulate the Vatican's definition of homosexuality.

Articulate the Vatican's general approach to sexual questions.
Articulate the Vatican's view of the morality of homosexuality.
Articulate Nussbaum's definition of homosexuality and sexual conduct.
Explain those situation in which Nussbaum thinks discrimination against homosexuals is and is not morally acceptable.
Explain Jordan's "Parity Thesis" and "Difference Thesis."
Explain the realms in which these two theses apply.
Articulate Jordan's arguments for these two theses.
Explain why Rauch rejects Love as a candidate for the function of marriage.
Articulate Rauch's Hayekian argument against same-sex marriage and his reasons for rejecting it.
Articulate Rauch's three functions of marriage.
Explain why Gallagher rejects love as a function of marriage.
Explain why Gallagher believes procreation is the primary function of marriage
Explain how Gallagher responds to objections to her position.