Phil 101-06 F14: Exam 3 Study Guide

For the exam you will be expected to memorize the first 8 Implication Rules:
  • Modus Ponens (MP)
  • Modus Tollens (MT)
  • Hypothetical Syllogism (HS)
  • Disjunctive Syllogism (DS)
  • Constructive Dilemma (CD)
  • Simplification (Simp)
  • Conjunction (Conj)
  • Addition (Add)
You will be provided with a list of the 10 Replacement Rules:
  • De Morgan's Theorem (DM)
  • Commutation (Com)
  • Association (Ass)
  • Distribution (Dist)
  • Double Negation (DN)
  • Transposition (Trans)
  • Material Implication (Impl)
  • Material Equivalence (Equiv)
  • Exportation (Exp)
  • Tautology (Taut)
On the exam you will be expected to do the following:
  • Identify which rule of inference is used to reach a conclusion.
  • When given a formal proof, identify which rule justifies each step. 
  • Develop a formal proof of validity for an argument using the 8 Implication Rules.
  • Symbolize an argument and then give a formal proof of validity for it using the 8 Implication Rules. 
  • Provide formal proofs of validity that use all 18 Rules of Inference.