Phil 102B F16: Extra Credit

Extra Credit Due Wednesday, November 9: Your assignment is to attend one of the Campus Equity Week events listed below and then write a 2-3 page paper summarizing and reflecting on that event. The papers are due in class, and should be typed, double-spaced in a legible 12 point font. 

 Time  Monday
October 24
October 25
October 26   
October 27
 12:30-2:00 MS 418
What is Equity and Why it's Important?
Student Poverty Forum
"Professors in Poverty" Film and Discussion 
 Outside MS
Celebrating Equity: A cultural Event
 6:30-8:30  SB-104
Women and Equity Panel
Campus Equity Panel 

Extra Credit
: Attend the talk given by Professor Mary Gwin, "On the Ethical Treatment of Our Companion Animals," On Friday, October 14 from Noon-2:00 in LRC-435. I will have a sign-up sheet for our class, so be sure to sign in. I will be in attendance so you can just find me if you can't find the sign-in sheet. Then, write a 2-3 page paper in which you summarize and respond to the argument presented. In particular, according to the talk, what are our ethical obligations to our companion animals? Do you agree with this analysis? Why or why not? The paper are due in-class on Wednesday, October 26, and should be typed, double-spaced in a 12 point legible font.