Phil 102B S18: Exam 2 Study Guide

This Study Guide is still being finalized

Part I: Short Answer. You should be able to explain the following concepts:
  • Moral Status and its relevance to the issue of abortion.
  • The distinction between a Human Being and a Person and its relevance to the issue of abortion. 
  • The two rights that the Supreme Court considers in Roe v. Wade.
  • The decision delivered by the Court in Roe v. Wade
  • The thought experiments that Judith Jarvis Thomson considers and how they are relevant to the issue of abortion.
  • Don Marquis' "Future Like Ours" account of the wrongness of killing and some of the reasons he provides for accepting this account.
  • How the "Future Like Ours" account of the wrongness of killing applies to abortion and to contraception. 
  • The Trolley Problem and the related example of the Transplant Surgeon, and why these pose an interesting moral dilemma. 
  • The Bystander's Two Options and Three Options Problems and the issue they create about solving the Trolley Problem.