Phil 102B S12: Final Exam Study Guide

For the Final Exam, you should be able to perform the following:
  • Identify and explain the four forms of pacifism Lackey discusses.
  • Articulate the arguments in support of each of these version of pacifism, as well as Lackey's response to each.
  • Explain the Jus ad Bellum and its three components.
  • Explain the Jus in Bello and its two components.
  • Explain Calhoun's definitions of Terrorism and her objections to them.
  • Explain how Calhoun thinks terrorism can be justified by just war theory.
  • Explain Calhoun's account of the two tacit messages of terrorism.
  • Explain Richardson's definition of terrorism and the seven implications of this definition.
  • Explain Richardson's account of the five justifications for terrorism and her response to them.
  • Explain Richardson's accounts of the rationality and morality of terrorism.
  • Explain the major differences between the war model and the law model for dealing with terrorism.
  • Explain the components of the hybrid war/law model for combating terrorism.
  • Articulate the justification for the hybrid approach.
  • Articulate Luban's criticism of the hybrid approach.

Lastly, you should be prepared to write an essay in which you relate the views of two of the author's studied this unit to a new moral issue.