Phil 103 F19: Philosopher Reports

Directions: While we will cover many significant and important philosophical figures this semester, we will, by necessity, ignore or skip over many of them. Your assignment is to pick two of these figures and write a 2-3 page report on each. In your report you should provide a brief summary of that figure's life, and then try to briefly summarize the core philosophical doctrines of that figure. Finally, you should discuss why that figure is significant to the history of philosophy. Your papers should be typed, double-spaced in a 10-12 point legible font. You may submit them over email or as hard copies in class. You should also include a works cited page. Each paper will be worth 25 points. 

Due Dates: The first report must be on a philosopher who was active before 1500 CE and is due by Thursday, October 10. The second report must be on a philosopher who was active after 1500 CE and is due by Thursday, November 21. You are always free to turn in these assignments early. 

Extra Credit: You may do one additional report on any other philosopher from any time period for 25 points of extra credit. The extra credit is due by the penultimate day of class, Thursday, December 12

Resources: For help in selecting an author, you can use the textbook, or the following links:
History of Philosophy Podcast:
Once you have selected an author to discuss, you can use Wikipedia, or the following, extremely useful, resource: