Phil 107 F14: Final Exam Study Guide

The Final Exam will consist of two in-class essays.

Essay 1: Write an essay in which you discuss the connection between Darwin and issues of post- and transhumanism. In this essay I want you to speculate on the likely course that human evolution might take over the next 50-100 years.

Essay 2: Pick two philosopher/readings we have studied this semester and compare and contrast their respective views of human nature. In writing this essay, I expect you to discuss how your respective philosophers answer the four questions that we have structured our discussion of human nature around. One of the readings/philosophers must come from material covered on the first exam (Old Testament, Hinduism, Confucianism, Plato, New Testament), and the other philosopher/reading must come from material covered in the second exam (Descartes, Hobbes, Hume, Sartre). 

For the Exam you will need to bring paper to write your essays on (a blue book or notebook paper is fine) and a writing implement (pen or pencil, your choice, but be sure to bring a back-up).