Phil 107 F14: Honors Syllabus

This is an amendment to the course syllabus and schedule published elsewhere on this site. This modified syllabus is for students taking Philosophy 107 for Honors credit.

In order to receive Honors credit for the course, students must complete the following additional assignments.
  1. Weekly Journals: Students will turn in a two-page journal entry in which they reflect on the material discussed in the previous week of the course. These journals are open-ended, but students are expected to directly engage with the material assigned for the course. These journals are due in class every week on Tuesday.They should be typed, double-spaced in 10-12 point legible font.
  2. Extended Essay Assignment: Students taking the course for Honors credit will write an expanded final essay for the course. Details about this assignment will be provided at a later date.
Grading: Students grades will be assigned using the same factors described on the main syllabus. The Weekly Journals will make up 1/2 of the participation grade.

All other aspects of the syllabus remain the same.