Phil 110: Quizzes

Quiz 1
  1. How does Socrates respond to the charge that he corrupts the youth? (5 points)
  2. What life does Socrates think is the best sort of life to live? (2 points)
  3. What does Socrates mean when he describes himself as a gadfly? (3 points)
Quiz 2
Please print your name and “Quiz 2” on the upper left corner of your paper.
  1. Briefly describe the three steps to enlightenment that Al-Ghazali articulates. (2 points per step)
  2. How does Al-Ghazali respond to those who argue that mystics are mistaken or that they are ridiculous? (4 points) In answering this question you need not articulate all the degrees of belief, but do provide a general sense of how Al-Ghazali uses this to respond to this objection.
Quiz Three
Please print your name and “Quiz 3” at the top of your paper.
  1. Describe two forms of doubt that Descartes considers in Meditation I. Be sure to explain what beliefs those forms of doubt call into question as well as what beliefs survive those forms of doubt. (4 point for each)
  2. Briefly explain Descartes’ Cogito argument from Meditation II. (2 points)
Quiz 4
  1. Explain Plato’s Allegory of the Cave (a picture is fine). (4 points)
  2. Aside from Platonic Dualism, what are two other conclusions we are supposed to draw from the Allegory of the Cave (3 points each)?
Quiz 5
Please write your name and “Quiz 5” at the top of your paper.
  1. Briefly explain the difference between primary and secondary qualities. (3 points)
  2. Briefly explain Indirect Realism. (2 points)
  3. Briefly explain Subjective Idealism. (2 points)
  4. Briefly describe one argument Berkeley makes attacking Locke’s Indirect Realism. (3 points)