Philosophy 125 Summer 2009: Home

Syllabus and Schedule

Study Guide for Final Exam (Exam is on Thursday, July 16)

Study Guide for Second Midterm (Exam is on Thursday, July 2)

Study Guide for First Midterm (Exam is on Thursday, June 18)

  • Due Tuesday, July 14: Exercises 6-7, 7-3. Also,  find examples of five different fallacies.
  • Due Thursday, July 9: Exercises 5-2, 5-3. Also, find examples of three different slanters or fallacies (you pick which slanters or fallacies).
  • Due Tuesday, June 30: Exercises 9-2 and 9-3, #'s 6-10 and 16-20.
  • Due Thursday, June 25: You are asked to research the following issues,"Should a public option be a part of health care reform?" Find 1/2 a page of claims supporting this position and then find 1/2 a page of claims that disagree with this position. Then write one page in which you discuss the credibility of the claims you found. Be sure to incorporate our class discussion of credibility into your discussion.
  • Due Tuesday, June 16: Exercise 2-14, #'s 1-10
  • Due Thursday, June 11: Exercises 1-4 and 1-6
Extra Credit
  • Due Thursday, July 2: Find the strangest news report from a credible source. Then write about 1/2 a page in which you discuss the credibility of your source. Everyone who does the assignment will receive five (5) bonus points. The person with the strangest story (as judged by me) will receive 10 points.