USD Phil 110 F11: Final Exam Prompt

For the final exam, you will write two short essays, each between 2 and 3 pages. The essays must be typed, double-spaced in 10-12 point legible font. The essays are due by December 20 at 10:00 PM. You should submit the essays as attachments via email to They must be submitted in one of the following formats: .doc; .docx; .pdf; .rtf.

Essay 1: Imagine the following situation
: You are a bright individual who usually gets good grades. You want to go to law school and you need good grades to get accepted by a good school. You find yourself taking a test for which you are not well prepared and you have an opportunity to cheat without being caught. By cheating you will definitely improve your final grade for the course. Pick two of the philosophers we studied this unit (Kant, Mill, Aristotle, Nietzsche) and discuss how they would answer the question of whether or not to cheat. Be sure to explain how your chosen philosophers would reason about the situation in question.

Essay 2:
Compare the film Crimes and Misdemeanors to two philosophers that we have discussed this unit on ethics. Use the two philosopher you did not discuss for essay 1. Be sure to cite specific scenes and moments from the film to support your answer.